Thanks for all your hard work and for diligently looking after our precious little boy. He loves going to school and interacting with the staff and children. Thanks for the extra effort you go to, to make his day safe, exciting and engaging. I know a lot of you put in extra time and effort to make the centre run smoothly. Thanks for your dedication, commitment and genuine passion for the job. Your work does not go unnoticed and we really appreciate everything you do. 
Adele, thanks for organising extra activities, new initiatives and ways to interact with staff and families.

From the Mays and Vermeys

Thank you for taking care of Nathaniel as though he were an extension of your own family.
We're so very glad to have found you to assist us in seeing our boy grow and prosper.

Dave and Danica

Just want to send a special thank you to your team for making Maximo's time at day-care happy and fun. I appreciate the time you all take to reassure me that he will be ok. Thanks xx  

Thank you for all of your hard work, efforts, cares and patience that have been given to my daughter Ruoshui. During Ruoshui's stay in the Centre, we can see she has gained great improvements on her English language, study, as well as her cheerful personality. She is now a much happier and outgoing girl and we are really happy to see that she is taking every Educator in the Centre especially in her own room as her best friend :)
No words can express the extent of appreciation we have, please accept our sincerest thanks.

Diana and Kai

To Adele, Jess, Courtney, Paige, Sara, Hayley, Rachel, Itsako, Debbie (not sure how it's spelled) hope I've not forgotten anyone:
You all do a fantastic job in looking after the kids. It means a lot having peace of mind knowing Juliana is in loving, caring hands while we work (or sleep in my case 😊). She is learning a lot, from talking, recognizing animals, things, songs & actions that I wouldn't have been able to teach that well. Oh and how she loves doing crafts & painting! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are making a difference in our little kids' lives & the parents too! 👍😊 God bless you all!
John and Jannie

My daughter Madison has been attending your centre for the last 2 and a half years. Through that time I have heard many wonderful stories of the fun times she has there. She has learnt so much and has grown so much as a person from being able to learn and interact with such wonderful teaching staff (who are also thoughtful, caring and all around nice genuine people) As she has moved through the rooms and experienced so many different activities, I have always been advised of her progression and if any issue arose I have always been advised and had the staff discuss issues with the upmost of professionalism, tactfulness and understanding. You are all an amazing bunch of people, and I am thankful that I chose such a positive place for Madison. All the best as you continue on your path of learning and growing. And know that you all do an amazing job thank which we are so thankful for. 
Kindest regards Lisa 

Thank you for looking after me. Thank you for feeding me, cleaning me and putting me to sleep.
Thank you for playing with me, reading to me and laughing with me. 
Thank you for teaching me; new things, right from wrong and important things. 
Thank you for always being there!
Thank you for looking loving me, the little monkey that I am.
Thank you, not just for being educators, teachers or carers, but thank you for being FAMILY

Love from Abraham

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